Pleats Please

White Plait-detail Cotton T-Shirt – H&M;
Sheer Green Pleated Strap Top (worn as skirt) – Topshop (sale £9!)
Red Beaded Strand Long Necklace – Topshop
Red Strap and Raffia Cut-out Wedges – Dorothy Perkins
I bought this cotton T-shirt about three or four years ago, thinking the plaited waist and sleeves were so lovely (and pleasingly complicated to think about). This is, however, the very first occasion that I have come to wear it. Due, in part, to it having been in storage throughout most of my eight moves in the last two and a bit years, but also because it has a round and high neckline, which I think emphasises my not unsubstantial shoulder-span.

The red beaded necklace that I am wearing here has been a real staple piece since the start of the spring, adding extra colour – that fabled fashion ‘pop’ – to outfits that haven’t quite hit the mark. After taking this image, I decided that a double loop looked better, with one loop on the neckline of the T-shirt, and the second loop just below – but with a small gap between. This alteration left the detailing at the waist clutter-free, and perhaps drew attention away from my shoulders – something that I concede I am probably the only one to notice.

The skirt was a bargain of the winter. Knowing that pleats were coming in, I never once considered that I would wear it as the strap top it was intended to be. Rather, I looped the shoulder straps through the straps of the back of my bra, and hey-presto, this knee-length skirt was born. I like the colour – especially paired with red accents – and I like the swishy way it moves as you walk. Incidentally, these wedges were the only pair of shoes not to horrify or disgust me in the whole three months I worked at Dorothy Perkins, and I think they are rather lovely and summery.

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One Comment

  1. Raisa Kabir wrote:

    Ah I love the colours, the green, red and white, look great! Ingenious styling of the top too! x