Northern Quarter Street Style

Megan, Newton Street


I am a sucker for 90′s styling at the minute; it’s true! I love the blank cigarette trousers (so called due to their long and lean shape), a wardrobe item which has become a true style staple.  The vest is so so so Nineties though, with it’s uncool-but-therefore-unintentionally-cool shape.  But, most of all, I love the sandals! Not only does the line of the foot extend the leg, so that she looks longer and leaner than she already is, but they’re just plain nerdy-cool. I love the clunky buckles and the awkward looking open toes. The whole outfit screams “I just threw this on,” but there are so many ‘right’ things about it, I can’t help but wonder if it was meticulously planned. Or, maybe it was just thrown on. We’ll never know, but that’s where the coolness lies.

As a matter of fact, Megan told me that it was her first day of her first proper job as a designer. So, I rather assume it was a quite considerably thought-out outfit. So often, when people think a lot about an outfit, they over-think it, to the extent that they wear something they are not 100% comfortable in. But Megan looks very comfy, very unintentionally-cool and therefore VERY cool overall.  An excellent outfit.

Sophie, Tib Street


Mostly, I think I liked Sophie’s cool, cropped, asymmetric fringe.  She was the first person I saw wearing this dinosaur top, which is from Topshop, rather than some random dinosaur museum , which was my first thought.  Unfortunately, since then, I have seen so many people in this same top, that I’m a bit bored of it now.  It’s silly, but if it had been from a childhood trip to a museum I would have given her bigger style props for thinking to wear it. But, as it’s from Topshop, that ‘coolness’ kind of fades.  A bit unfair really I suppose.  Maybe it’s because, once it has been sanctioned by Topshop as ‘cool’, it looses the originality that would come from someone just digging out an old T-shirt and wearing it because they thought it was cool, rather than it being pre-selected by an appointed arbiter-of-cool. Does that make sense? Hmm.

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