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So, yeah, I’m just, like, chilling out in the window ledge OR SUTIN!

I know that outside it’s still fucking freezing and wet and miserable, but fashion waits for no weatherfront and we are now in the Spring Summer 2012 season, whether we like it or not.  Part of my plan to gleefully ignore that, in non-fashion circles, it is definitely still winter, is to start compiling my warm weather wardrobe.  And, well, I’ll be wearing it come rain or shine at London Fashion Week in February because the twains of practicality and style do rarely meet and, yes, I am that much of a fashion victim.

So, pastels, pastels.  These sickly, sugary sweet hues – or ‘candy colours’ as some are inclined to call them – are very hot right now.  I’ll do a post about the reasons for this soon – Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton, mainly -  but as a fashion blogger my anxiety over showing that I KNOW what’s hot AS SOON AS IS HUMANLY POSIBLE dictates that I shove this outfit post up first.

To the clothes, then. Something old, two things new and a gem from the Christmas sales.  If you’ve followed my various outfit posts then you will be aware that these denim cut-offs have been a staple of my sartorial diet for a good few years; I think their slightly baggy, ripped, faded look, and the fact they fall a little longer at the back make them casual enough to balance the more outre elements of this, and many other, outfits.  The star of this particular ensemble has to be the embroidered, high-neck, long-sleeve white gauze top with printed and pleated pink sashes (which cross again at the back, meeting in a bow with tails that fall past the hem) that I dug out of the ASOS sale just before Christmas for £25, which is very reasonable I think, both in general and especially in comparison to the original fifty quid price tag!  The shape of the top is very 90′s, with it’s close round neck and long sleeves, which makes it look a little edgier than it’s girle details first suggest.

My two new acquirements are a couple of Topshop no-brainers; the lilac multi-fleck cardi and the shiny rose-gold velcro wedges. VEEEEELCROOOO! Such a fun fastening which at once reminds me of favourite childhood pieces which now exist only in the annals of Dad’s film photography, and also of wetsuits and the trend for scuba.  I see these items as go-with-everything pieces for SS12. I think I’ll sometimes wear little pink or white frilly socks with the sandals, the kind that little girls wear with school uniforms that you fold down so the frilly bit flares out.

On a separate note, I hope you like the redesign of the website. I feel like it enables me to write on a wider variety of subjects in a way that is easy to filter for the reader; say, if you wanted just to look at street style, or posts relating to a certain season.  The panel at the top links to Facebook and Twitter, and I’m working on getting links up there to Bloglovin and YouTube.

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