Rainbowmania from Manchester’s Me & Yu

Image by Sarah Harradine of FashionDotty.com

I love this massive sweater dress!  I was in North Tea Power in Manchester having a a lovely caffetiere of loose leaf tea with my friend Mellissa, when in walked a boy in skinny jeans and a version of this wonderful colour explosion of a garment.  I had to know where it was from. Fortunately, the boy (Rob?) had only recently purchased it from Me & Yu, part of Manchester’s alternative boutique mecca, Afflecks Palace, and was fairly sure there was one left.

ONE LEFT!! Not one to leave fashion to fate, I rang the store immediately and reserved myself one.  I collected it the next day and have worn it at least once a week since.  It gave me very great pleasure to tell all the street style snappers and other admirers of it at London Fashion Week that it came from Manchester. Just like me.

Thanks to the very lovely Sarah Harradine of Fashion Dotty for the above snap. Do check out her other London Fashion Week street style images from that day.

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