Sneaker Pimps: The trend for trainers gains pace

I love it when a trend pops up out of nowhere. Its unexpectedness gives it the sort of elusive authenticity that evades the usual pre-packaged, weekly-mag-endorsed trends. I’m looking at you camouflage jackets (snore).

I know it seems like there ought to be an obvious link between the Olympics and this new slew of trainer shod beauties, but I am finding it hard to believe that therein lies the reason. So Converse are perennially trendy and high-tops have been doing the rounds for a while; I accept that Isabel Marant and Marc Jacobs’ chunky wedge sneakers have been everywhere this season, and that the Liberty X Nike collaboration has been a massive deal, but the trend I’m on about is for bog standard running shoes.

It’s my favourite fashion genre of all; non-fashion fashion. You know, when something is so wrong it begins to look strangely right? Hello Marc Jacobs AW12 Jamiroquai hats. Oh hi there ALL OF Prada AW11. Actually, make that all of Prada. Ever.  Muccia’s whole schtick is to turn bad taste into high fashion.

So trainers aren’t exactly Jamiroquai hats, but in fashion, the former would normally be considered the more grave faux pas.  Before now, wearing running shoes whilst not running was on a sartorial par with the wearing of baggy leggings, thongs and fleeces.  I suppose they have that ‘just-thrown-on’ thing all sewn up. Reminds me of when clunky velcro walking sandals suddenly looked amazing last summer; on girls who already look like models, that is.

I’ve spotted three or four girls around London (and we all know three’s a trend) wearing trainers with outfits that might otherwise have been worn with black ankle boots of the ACNE Pistol / Topshop Ambush variety. They looked especially good with rolled-up black skinny jeans and when the trainers had a flash of colour. I think it is probably an important rule that nothing else about your outfit looks sporty.

Currently camera-less, I have no street style shaped evidence of my own lensing to demonstrate this trend, but I found a few examples tagged ‘sneakers’ on Stockholm Street Style for your perusal…


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